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Our Babies

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Under Construction

The first parakeet we accuired was Peanut.  A beautiful blue female with an extreamly outgoing personality.

The next bird was Tweety.  A bird named for it's appearance.  This lutino is not as sweet as Peanut but is very protective of her (not a bad trait for a mate).

Then one day we went to the pet store and fell in love with a beautful young lime green and yellow parakeet.  We are still unsure of the sex of the bird due to its age.(I think she is a girl)

This is Seven!

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Anyway, Peanut and Tweety have been busy lately.  They have definately got spring fever, the product of which are 5 beautiful eggs.

Here is a picture of the eggs.

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We can't believe how protective she has become since motherhood.   We never thought she had much of a bite, but boy were we wrong!

Here is a picture of Peanut showing off her parenting skills.

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more later